Tom Eaves On The Club’s Plans For Christmas

Hull City are preparing to tackle a total of three games over the next few weeks, which started with their latest game against Stroke City, followed swiftly with another four matches over a period of 12 days as the team heads into New Year, and Tom Eaves has made the importance of the current festive season’s games imperative to the club’s continued success in the near future.

Eaves, who has been focussed on ensuring the team’s victory, told reporters that it was a very important spell of the season as there are so many games that are compacted into a single month, and every single one of them is as important as the last. He explained that they have a number of difficult fixtures coming up, which includes games against Leeds and Charlton, and that while all of them will be tough games, they all know how important it is for them to continue earning as many points as they can as we edge closer to the New Year.

The Hopes For The Team

Eaves and his fellow team mates are hoping to increase their luck in their upcoming games as they look to make a comeback from their latest loss against Barnsley 3-1, with the striker in particular targeting as many points as possible as they make a fresh start in December. As part of his statement, he said that Barnsley had been a bump in the road for them, and that they’ve taken the time to look back and analyse what went wrong, but that the team is clear that they don’t want to dwell on the loss and let it cloud their ambitions, explaining that it had been the first game that they had played in a while and that the team had been somewhat rusty as they ran onto the field, but like a game of spin roulette to win online, it’s all about taking the chance.

Eaves is hoping for a return to Grand McCann’s starting line up for their upcoming busy period, with fellow team mates Josh Magennis and Norbert Balogh currently on the side-lines due to injury.

The Upcoming Months

The most recent summer signing has featured from off in a single of the Tigers’ last seven games, which saw them finish with a 2-2 draw while playing in Middlesbrough. And while he understands that it’s going to take the entire team working together in order to fulfilled their hopes for an improved ranking, Eaves it also looking forward to taking the opportunity to prove his mettle on the field.

Finishing off his interview, Eaves added that he has to make sure that he stays ready and is always prepared for when the coach calls him up and that he works hard on the field when the opportunity arises. He said that it could be frustrating not be starting because he hopes to play every game and show people what he can do, but at the end of the day the decision ultimately remains the with manager as to whether he will be seeing any match time for the club’s busy holiday season.