Hull City 2021 Reflection

2021 has been a roller coaster ride for all involved, and this is no different for Hull City. From a disappointment at the end of last season to winning the league is an incredible feat for which the team must be commended. Although this is only the start of their new journey.

As ownership changes into potentially more passionate and capable hands, Hull City could still be very much on the rise going into 2022. As we look forward to a new year and new possibilities, it’s important to remember to look to the last year to understand the mistakes and appreciate the amazing times.

Grant McCann

To look back and understand the year that has just passed, there is no better opinion than that of the Hull City FC manager, Grant McCann. He has some great words to say about the year past and looking towards the future.

McCann says that it has been an incredible year all round and when they won the league it as probably his best year in the sport. After the disappointment of the first season in the Championship, to be able to bounce back and win the league was a credit to everyone who was connected to the club. Every person involved put in the hard work and the results spoke for themselves.

It was a time when a lot of people were proved wrong, and McCann says he is so glad that was the case. He added that the win against Wigan couldn’t have made him prouder and that scooping the league trophy was a moment of absolute triumph. For fans, it was a victory 55 years in the making, making it all the more special.

There is no doubt that Grant is extremely proud of his team and looking forward to a bright 2022 for Hull City FC. There is undoubtedly some tension with the potential takeover happening, but also in incredible amount of opportunity to keep the fantastic upwards momentum.

Up And Coming

Grant proceeded to highlight two young players who have proved their worth in the team this year. Keane Lewis-Potter and Jacob Greaves have both put on a performance like no other and have adapted to their new roles extremely quickly. The move to the championship has been a stressful and hopeful one all around, these two young men have shown that they are championship worthy despite their young age.

Looking forward

Grant himself has said that the win at Barnsley was big, and it gave the players a real sense of belonging at that level. They are now looking forward to the next season and once again defying critics and exceeding expectations. One thing is for sure, 2022 has the potential to be a fantastic year for Hull City.