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Welcome to the online home of one of the most popular sides in the English Football League! The Hull City Association Football Club was founded all the way back in 1904, so we have a long and proud heritage that we’re still building on today.

Following their Great Escape season in the late 1990s, Hull City has been going from strength to strength and their climb from the bottom to the top division of the EFL is still the stuff of legends. But there’s nothing more impressive about Hull City AFC than its fans, and that’s why they have their very own, dedicated website.

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With our dedicated fan page, you’ve got everything you need to know about Hull City in one convenient location. Find out about any breaking news that you might be interested in, such as new players, line-ups and injury reports, as well as predictions for upcoming matches. Expert outside commentary will help you understand the beautiful game, as it is played by your favourite team, more than ever before.

Stay in touch with the latest developments on all your favourite players, no matter where you are and no matter how busy life gets. There’s nothing like being at a real Hull City AFC match, of course, but if you can’t make it then our site is the next best thing for fans. Even if you can, out interpretation and commentary will make reliving the glory so much better!