Greatest Matches In Hull City FC’s History

Looking at the history of the Hull City FC Tigers is truly fascinating. The club has had a long and winding journey over the years, enjoying many highs but also suffering numerous lows. Although the lows are also worth mentioning, it is the highs that we’ll be looking at today. After all, if you don’t appreciate the best times, how can you endure the worst times?

Let’s take a closer look at some of the greatest moments in the history of the Hull City FC Tigers.

2014, Arsenal VS Hull City

Without a doubt one of the greatest moments in Hull FC history is the match against Arsenal in 2014. Yes, the final score had Arsenal ahead with 3 to 2, but the match itself was still spectacular. This was, after all, the first FA Cup final the Tigers had ever managed, and it truly seemed like the team might just achieve ultimate victory.

Most memorable is that the Tigers truly dominated in the first 15 minutes, sending devoted fans into a frenzy of celebrations. It didn’t work out in the end, but who can deny that this is perhaps the greatest match in Hull City FC history?

2013, Cardiff City VS Hull City

In most circumstances a 2-2 draw would be considered an anti-climax, but not when the result gets your team to the Premier League. It was against Cardiff City in 2013 that the Tigers needed a win better than that of Watford. The 2-2 draw was, therefore, a victory unlike the club had seen in years.

Looking at it another way; that Watford lost to Leeds United ensured that the Tigers finally got the respect they deserved, even if it was a draw that acted as the final stepping stone. Either way, the match was so intense many fans had to head online for a bit of real money pokies, just to lower their heart rates.

2016, Hull City VS Sheffield Wednesday

As far as classic football matches go, Hull City versus Sheffield Wednesday in 2016 perhaps doesn’t rank very high. There was, after all, only a single goal in the second half. But as far as Tiger fans are concerned the clash is still something to write home about. Mo Diame sent a scorcher into the net, ensuring that the Tigers had a clear path ahead.

2014, Hull City Versus Sheffield United

Last we have the match that set up the ultimate showdown against Arsenal. It was against Sheffield United that Hull City really triumphed, managing to come out with a 5-3. The match was, all in all, a battle of bold moves and massive goals, giving fans a truly impressive display of top tier football. By halftime the Tigers were already up 2-1, but things were just getting started.

The first 22 minutes of the second half saw Matty Fryatt, Tom Huddlestone and Stephen Quinn each landing a goal of their own, seeming to declare the match all but over. But, thinking that the lead wasn’t enough, David Meyler pushed the goals to final score of 5-3.