The Latest From The Hull FC Tigers

Hull FC has had one of the busiest seasons for a long time, and it’s been an overall positive year for the Tigers. Previously, after losing more than a number of events, morale at the club was low and it felt like the team would struggle to ever turn their luck around. But with a new head coach on the horizon as well as a round of young and talented players now pushing the team forward, we’ve started to see more frequent successes from the Tigers.

The Latest Statement About The Head Coach

For some time now, the Tigers have been on the lookout for a new head coach to take over the time. Pedro Martins has been in talks for a while now to take over the position. Although nothing official had been signed or written up, it was a part of a verbal agreement that Martins would become the new head coach for the team, but it has recently been revealed that the talks have since broken down that that Martins will no longer be taking over. Instead, caretaker manager Andy Dawson will continue his role as is while the club continues to keep an eye out for a new head coach.

As part of the breaking news, it was stated that they had been unable to reach a mutual agreement with Martins, and that they had ultimately decided to cancel all negotiations going forward. They stated that while Martins is undoubtedly a great coach for the team, the club felt that they were unable to meet his demands, and that Andy Dawson will continue to lead for the time being. The club also stated that the team and the managers remain unified as a single entity, and that everyone is doing their best to prepare for their upcoming games, with the latest being played against Huddersfield.


E-wallet provider Jeton has recently announced that it has entered a partnership with Hull City. The e-wallet allows for users to send and receive money, as well as a number of other functions designed to make all monetary transactions as easy as possible.

The deal will allow Jeton to display their brand name across LED boards, large screen displays, the club’s website, as well as the matchday programme. This is not the first English football club that Jeton has partnered with – previously it had been West Ham – and it’s believed that the e-wallet is looking to become a much more common part of the football scene throughout the country. E-wallets are popular across the world, for making online purchase and for playing casino games, like those from online Indian casinos.

Commercial sales manager of Hull City, Phil Dayes, told the public that the club is happy to be teaming up with a company like Jeton and that the two entities share many of the same values. He stated that it was another positive step forward for the club, and that they are looking forward to a long and successful partnership.