Hull City Legend Pops Question After Two Months

Hull City legend Dean Windass made headlines recently after he tweeted a Boxing Day video in which he proposed to his girlfriend. In the video, the former striker claimed that he had planned to pop the question on Christmas Day but had got too drunk to do it.

The 50-year-old’s definitive moment in football happened in 2008, when he played a pivotal role in Hull’s promotion to the Premier League. In an interview with the Hull Daily Mail in January, the now East Hull manager shared the real story of his proposal to Kerry Allanson, whom he had known for two months.

How They Met

After a few months of singlehood after coming out of a relationship, Windass met a friend at the pub. He jokingly asked her if she knew anyone good-looking. The two exchanged a bit of banter, and he thought nothing more about it until the friend contacted him and asked if he would be interested in going on a date with Allanson.

Windass agreed after seeing a photo of the woman, who owns a Hull beauty salon. He told the publication that they met for the first time over drinks in October last year.

It took the former pro player two months to discover what many people who win real money with eSports bets already know, and that is taking chances can pay off. He said that the two of them had an instant connection.

Given that their lives were not entirely disconnected, the sense of connection felt by the couple is understandable. It turns out that they both spent their childhoods near Hessle Road, and that they have working class backgrounds. Windass also recalls playing football against Allanson’s brother. Furthermore, their mothers knew one another.

How the Proposal Happened

According to the interview, Windass planned to – and did – propose to Allanson on Christmas Day. He explained that he had intended to pop the question while they were at a friend’s house, but that he had second thoughts shortly before they were due to drive there that morning.

The TED speaker said that he was worried his now-fiancée would be embarrassed if he were to ask for her hand in marriage in front of their friends. With the ring still in his pocket, Windass told Allanson that she had changed his life, and that he thought they were meant to be together. He then asked her if she would marry him. Her answer was yes.

On Boxing Day, Allanson jokingly reminded Windass that he had not gone down on one knee when he proposed. That was when the phone came out, the recorder went on, and the video was made. He clarified that the video was made as a joke, and that the truth of the matter is that he proposed on Christmas Day, even if he was not on one knee when he did it.

Windass and Allanson kicked off the year by spending their first holiday as a couple in Tenerife. He said they intend to get married in 2022.