Hull City Takeover

After many speculations and assumptions, finally the takeover of Hull City has been fully confirmed. On New Year’s Day, Turkish media tycoon Acun ilicali confirmed he will officially be taking over the Hull City Football club.

This has been a long road for Acun as he has been in talks for this takeover for a while. For the moment, he sees nothing but a bright future and success ahead.

Acun Ilicali

Acun Ilicali is best known as being a Turkish broadcaster, but that is not all to this impressive businessman. Acun has set himself up as the owner of 2 Turkish broadcast channels, the digital platform Exxen and production companies in several countries including the United States, Mexico and Romania.

This impressive resume has allowed Acun to pursue more passion projects. We have known for a while that Acun did want to buy into an English team, with his statement from last January saying that he

may purchase a club in England as this area had a different ambience and excitement.

As we know today, Hull City FC was the chosen and perhaps perfect team. While some team owners see football as a business move, in this case, Acun seems to be in it purely for the passion of the sport. He says that the love he sees for the team in the city makes him incredibly happy and that the fans are ready for them to go all out. He wants to achieve success with the team for the fans, and to make them feel part of the team. All in, this seems like a fantastic move for Acun and Hull City FC.

The Fans

At times, the ownership changes of a team can be a contentious topic at best. In this particular situation, the new ownership seems to be a blessing from all angles. It is no secret that Hull City FC has been struggling as of late, with performance nowhere near what is expected. The fans have for the most part welcomed the change, as Acun seems to be willing to spend the required money – which certainly will be in line with the size of the biggest jackpots found at –  to bring the team up to success once again.

In the past few months, we have seen many fans stay away from home games in protest of Allam’s current way of running the club, this change should see the fans return to stadiums in a big way and hopefully an incredible change for the team as a whole.

What To Expect

All the expectations and predictions thus far are only positive for the future of Hull City FC. With the increased support in terms of leadership and financial status, the next few months will hopefully see a great turn in the team’s performance.

For now, the biggest consideration will be the transfers to happen in the remainder of January, as these transfers stand to change a lot in the team’s overall abilities.