Hull City Legend Garreth Roberts

In a proud moment for Hull City FC, retired player Garreth Roberts is officially being honoured into the Hull City Hall of fame. Famed for being one of the longest running single club players of all time, Garreth took pride in his teams and has a passion that can still be respected today.

Early Career

In his early life, Garreth always looked up to his local football team, Hull City, with admiration and pride. Being a great footballer himself, he was determined to one day stand amongst them. Little did Garreth know that he would lead them in not too many years. At the age of 17 Garreth was taken on as an apprentice to the team, allowing him to help the team and see better what life was like inside professional football at the time.

Garreth made the best of his situation and dedicated himself to the team, to eventually be noticed and put on as a sub. It took a few games for Garreth to eventually be called up to action, but when he did, the ride to the top was definitely a steep one. From his first game where Hull City managed a fantastic 4-1 win, Garreth became a staple starter for the team, starting an impressive 413 of Hull City’s next 546 games.

The Real Rise Of Career

Following shortly after his first years, Garreth was made captain of the Hull City team. For the best understanding, there is little better explanation than from Garreth himself. He said that it was Mike Smith who first made him the team’s captain. At the time, he was only 20 or 21.

At first, he says it was a bit of a poisoned chalice because there were a lot of older pro players who didn’t like the fact that they’d gotten overlooked and upstaged by a young local boy. For a year or so, it was tough going for the captain as he’d get snide remarks. The changing rooms were a minefield, and it became important to be able to avoid the bullies and stand up for yourself.

He describes the time as one where he had to sink or swim and says that he tried to not focus too much on being captain. He simply wanted to give everything he had for the team because it was his club. It was clear Garreth was in the team for not only a passion for football but a passion for Hull City.

The Proving Times

The early 1980s saw Hull City FC in a bit of a slump, after which came the big come up. Garreth lead his teammates to what would become known as his and some of the team’s best performance.

These amazing times and all the years of incredibly hard work has cemented Garreth a place in the Hull City Hall of fame. The longest single standing player to play for only Hull City FC and a true legend.