Players Return To Hull City

Will Keane To Return To Hull City as Striker?

Will Keane, a previous member of the Hull City Club, has just recently signed on to player the new striker for the team after a 14 month absence from the game.

Head coach Nigel Adkins has confirmed the rumours that the striker would be returning, and further confirms that the player will be ready to player for the upcoming match against Sunderland.

Will Keane suffered a ligament injury over 14 months ago that completely halted his football career at the time, and spent the next year recovering enough to return to the action, and has now officially signed back into Hull City as the team looks to gaining further footing in the Championship.

Fans have eagerly awaited the news of what has been going on with the under-23 team and the loss of some its key players, and those following the English betting scene and online blackjack will be glad to know that Keane has made a full recovery.

Keane’s Career At Hull

Will Keane played 120 minutes of game time while he was at Hull City before his unfortunate accident, and played for the under-23 side for a few unofficial games and one official before sustaining the injury. A strong player, Keane managed to score two goals in the game before having to leave.

Acting head coach Adkins believes that he’s recovered almost completely from the injury, and is ready to take on the challenges of the game against Sunderland.

Keane has been described as a positive force in the team by Adkins, and has told reporters that there’s a very good chance that he will earn some minutes on the field at the Stadium of Light this Saturday as they vie against Sunderland for a stronger presence in the Championships.

A Future At Hull City

“He’s a talented footballer,” says Adkins, “great that he’s had three games with the under-23s. I’ve already touched on what I’ve seen of him in the training ground, really like his attitude and I had a conversation with him this morning, he feels good and he looks in good nick and like everything he has to get used to playing first-team games.”

Adkins has also confirmed that Ondrej Mazuch is another player that is set to return to the Hull City squad for the first time in December, after Mazuch was forced to leave the team after sustaining a hamstring injury in their game against Leeds.

With two new players for upcoming games, many feel that the current bad luck streak the team is experiencing at the moment will take a turn around, and give them a better chance at a serious position in the Championship before the end of January comes around.

Adkins has noted that Mazuch is in good shape, and has been continuing his training, and hopes to see him back on the field in no time.

Overall, Hull City is finally seeing a bit of good luck with the return of skilled players, and hopefully will see better outcomes in the coming future.