A Warning To All Hull City Players

Former Skipper Ian Ashbee has issued to all current Hull City players, as the next potential Championship opportunity becomes a possibility.

The skipper has told players that they need to have the stomach to fight with their fellow footballers if they want a chance of getting a foot in the door as their next match comes up, and warns Hull City that they need to stick their neck out for their teammates if they want to stand a chance.

The warning has come just before Hull City is to play at the Stadium of Light, a game-defining match that has the potential to vault them to the Championships that will take place later this year.

A Warning Founded From Last Season

This warning has been a long time coming, as the players from the last season just weren’t up to scratch, according to some officials.

Although the club has done well considering, their performance in the last season left much to be desired, especially among circles that follow the team’s progress and where they could be standing within the next few months.

Ashbee, who was the captain of the team during the fourth tier of the Premier League, noted that the team simply wasn’t giving it their all, and was letting not only themselves down, but possibly destroying any hope they may have for upcoming games.

He’s noted with saying that the team was on a, “slippery slope, and that if they aren’t careful, and keep making excuses, the future may not be very bright.

Ashbee believes it’s a harsh truth that the team needs to hear, but also maintains that they are fully capable of pulling through and showing the world that they have a lot to offer, especially in terms of their teamwork and overall quality.

It’s a tough time for the team, and has many fans turning away from more routine activities like online casino New Zealand to keep an eye on the team and what they will do next.

The Previous Season’s Repercussions

Hull City has been battling since their draw with Reading, and although the draw pushed them up the roster for the Championship placing them at 20th place, the loss of six games ever since has been a blow after blow to their current standing, and any continued losses may see any games in the Championship as a distant dream.

As the end of January looms, Ashbee warns further that the team needs to pick up more points at any cost, and that while it’s tough to be on the losing side for more than one game in a row, it’s important to keep a positive attitude and make sure that everyone on the team is looked after by one another.

Hope For The Foreseeable Future

There’s no doubt that the current Hull City roster has a strong group of players, and although Ashbee’s warning may be viewed as harsh by some, it’s more of a reminder that the team has the potential to do better with a little hard work and that they need to fight on through the tough times ahead.