Hull FC Debates Player Union

There could be some serious changes ahead for local club Rugby. The Super League structure looks set for a shakeup thanks to former Hull FC prop Gareth Carvell.

He and others have been building support with players from all over to start up a new players union.

Carvell has been going around the country meeting key players, teams and individuals to drum up awareness and support for his initiative.

The union promises to tackle many issues regarding the health and welfare of players, better management of playing schedules and more.

Currently many players are feeling left out of the dialogue with regards to their future and wellbeing in Club Rugby.

As such the majority of super league players have been very supportive of unionising. Some have even posted message of support to their social media accounts.

League 13 was a previous attempt by Super League players at establishing a players’ union in 2012.  Due to lack of support from key insiders in the league as well as a serious lack of the funds necessary to operate such an administrative initiative, the shakey coalition only lasted until 2015.

Danny McGuire from the Rovers said that his team fully supports the move while Chris Green also agreed that change is necessary.

Let’s hope that the players and management reach an agreement quick otherwise, as always, it will be the fans who suffer. We will have to find some exciting real money slots to enjoy until the fighting has died down.

The Australian Tour And New Kit

While this is an important debate to be having, Hull FC should also be focusing on their upcoming tour matches in Australia. This historic tour will see the club clash against both the Wigan Warriors and the St George Illawarra Dragons on the 17th.

These two meetings will definitely be one to remember and to add even more excitement to the event. Hull FC will be sporting some new kit as well.

Their first clash against Wigan will see them wear their traditional garb but at the double header event at the WIN stadium on the 17th we will see Hull don a new black, green and gold kit in honour of New Zealand.

These jerseys will also be on sale for supporters to be part of this once in a lifetime promotion.

Let’s hope the side make a better showing against the Dragons than they have against Wigan who managed to sneak in a victory last week.

It would be exciting but sad to see Hull play in Australia without Gareth Ellis and Mahe Fonua but the team is looking better than ever with replacements already set.

Taylor, Shaul and strongman Haughton are still part of the Hull team’s foundation and the team looks in the right headspace to bring strong challenge to the Australian teams.

Not to mention the fact that Sneyd, Watts and Shaul and Taylor are yet to even reach their prime in the squad ensures that Hull will be a top tier team for years to come.