Latest News from Hull City FC in March 2018

Proudly playing since 1904, Hull City FC is one of the most popular sides in the English Football League and their climb from the bottom of the EFL is enough to give you goose bumps.

There’s never a dull moment at Hull City Football Club and with the Tigers set to face Aston Villas on Saturday 31st March 2018, there has been plenty of buzz coming out of the Hull FC camp.

Here’s the latest news from Hull City FC for March 2018.

New Proposed Concessionary Pricing Structure

Owing to the low turnout of the previous ballot, Hull City has now revealed an alternative concessionary pricing structure for fans to vote on.

The club had previously asked approximately 16,000 fans to vote on whether or not they would like to see the revival of concession prices in a new ticketing system which would introduce an increase in adult prices.

However, only 18% of those eligible to register to vote did so in the previous poll, meaning that a clear majority could not possibly have been reached and the results of the ballot are still to be released by the club.

As such, the club have reviewed the ballot and are now urging fans to vote on a new system based on the pricing structure from 2015/2016.

Memberships would continue under the new proposed pricing structure, but the standardised model would be retired and concessions for seniors, 19-22 year old, 13-18 year olds, and under-12s would be introduced – which could mean more cash to enjoy online slots for real money in Canada!

Steve Bruce Discusses Hull City Exit

Twenty months have passed since Steve Bruce handed in his resignation on 22nd July 2016 and he’s still unsure if he made the right decision, especially after he helped bring Hull City to the Premier League.

However, Bruce has stated that he felt that he had no choice owing to icy relations between himself and vice chairman Ehab Allam which were “beyond repair” and the two have not spoken since.

However Bruce’s resignation couldn’t have come at a worse time as it saw the Tigers on the wrong side of the Championship, but Bruce recently stated that he “had the most enjoyable four years with Hull City” and hopes he can recreate it now with Aston Villa. Bruce now returns as Aston Villa’s boss.

Seb Larsson’s Future at Hull Still Undecided

Even though Seb Larsson only signed with Hull City FC at the beginning of the season, he recently admitted that he has not as yet discussed a new deal with the club to stay on beyond the end of the season.

The midfielder has been an integral part of the Tiger’s campaign and his performances have been praised particularly since December when Nigel Adkins took over.

However – despite all this – he will most likely be one of a few senior players released by the club this summer and be let go on a free transfer, joining David Meyler, Abel Hernandez, Michael Dawson, and Allan McGregor.

However, Larsson is not stressed about the situation and for now is only focused on maintaining Hull City’s second tier status for another year and avoiding relegation.