Match Report – The Last 5 Matches Played by Hull FC

The last five matches played by the Tigers have had some ups and downs, but overall Nigel Adkins has been reported to be delighted by the latest efforts from his team.

After our last update on the matches played against Sheffield United, Barnsley and Millwall, the coach is much happier with the team’s performance.

Coach Adkins is especially delighted with the Tigers efforts against Wolverhampton Wanderers, the championship leaders, the 2-2 draw showing his team confidence.

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Here is the breakdown of the last five matches, and a breakdown of Hulls performance:

Hull City vs Norwich City


This match was full of thrills, especially Norwich City’s James Maddison’s first half hat trick, but even this amazing hat trick could not ensure a victory for Norwich.

The Tigers managed a brilliant recovery from 3-1 down, getting Awarded 4 penalties and converting each of these!

Coach Adkins was delighted by his team’s performance against Norwich, a vast improvement from their prior match against Millwall.

Hull City vs Ipswich Town


Tigers fans and players alike breathed a bit easier after this win over Ipswich, with relegation fears being kept back a little bit further.

Hull took the lead in the 18th minute of this match, and was very convincing in their thrashing of Ipswich.  The second goal came in the 28th minute while the final goal was scored just two minutes in to the second half.

Coach Adkins was beyond thrilled with his player’s performance, and excited for his teams second win in a row.

Hull city vs Birmingham City


Birmingham city have been struggling for a while but made this win over the Tigers look easy! The lethargic Tigers barely offered a defence and this loss placed them just 6 points above the last three teams.

The Blues made an early start to scoring, when Jota bagged a neat goal from Che Adams great pass, and things seemed to get easier from there.

Coach Adkins was blindsided by the poor display of his team after the previous two matches great results. He has said he will be reflecting on this match and changes to the line up as a result.

Hull City vs Aston Villa


Though this ended in a 0-0 draw, this was a great showing by the Tigers, as they frustrated Aston Villa’s weak attempts to score.

With Hull fighting to stay out of relegation, you could see their determination to make no unnecessary mistakes or give way to Aston Villa.

The Tigers kept their defense strong, and were denied an obvious penality early in the second half – which could have had a huge impact on not only this match but the Tigers points in the championship.

Hull City vs Wolverhampton Wanderers


Coach Adkins six changes to the team obviously made a great impact, and was a brilliant move. Adkins decided to freshen up the line up and the change could be seen on the field.

The Wolves expected to walk away with all eight points for this match, but the great effort put out by the Tigers showed they were no walkovers.

The equaliser from Hull caused much frustration amongst the Wolves as it was a direct result of a sloppy concession by Costa, causing an easily converted goal by Meyler.