How Nigel Adkins Came To Be Head Coach

Nigel Adkins is the current head coach of the Tigers, and despite some naysayers who’ve maintained that he hasn’t worked out completely well for the team, many more people believe that Adkins has had nothing but a positive role to play for Hull City, and that his training and mentality are some of the main reasons that the Tigers are pushing through in the current season, despite the string of losses they’ve suffered in the last few games.

But where did Adkins come from, and how did he find himself as head coach of one of England’s favourite teams?

The Head Coach’s Rise To Fame

Before Adkins landed the role, the team was being lead and trained by Leonid Slutsky, a long-time footballer from Russia, who had seen the team through many wins and losses during his stay, leaving while the team was 20th in the Championship.

Once Slutsky had decided to move on, the Tigers brought in 52 year old Adkins, a veteran in the training and management sector, and one that had seen numerous successes under his watch.

Adkins first gained prominence in 2012, where he guided the Saints to success in the Premier League of that year. He continued his role until 2016, when Sheffield United despite to relieve him of his job, and for the next year, Adkins stayed out of the football scene.

Before the Saints, Adkins was a Tranmere and Wigan goalkeeper, after which he switched over to a managerial role for Scunthorpe after first acting as the physio for the team.

He lead the Iron to success twice in the Championship, before leaving and taking over at Southampton during the 2010 season.

Despite leading the St Mary’s side to promotion in the Premier League, Adkins was suddenly cut from the club much to everyone’s surprise, after which he moved over to the Saints. Like the top 5 pokies sites in NZ, coaches and players suddenly gaining or losing employment is often completely unpredictable.

Adkins And Hull City

Adkins is an advocate of positive mentality, and maintains that all players in his squad must always keep their spirits high, even during hard times.

When he first joined Hull City, the club was in a much better position than they are currently, winning enough games to cement themselves in the Championship, and scoring enough goals to be seen as a real force to other local teams.

The position as head coach at Hull City was originally manned by Steve Bruce, who held the title for four years before leaving at the end of July in 2016.

After his departure, Mike Phelan took over, more on a caretaker bases, but was given the job not long after the team had seen a good start to that year’s Premier League Season.

A bad turn of events that had the team left in a relegation zone caused Phelan to lose the position, and it was handed over to Marco Silva.

Much like his predecessor, the relegation back to the Championship saw him leaving for Watford.

Then Slustky joined up, and became the first Russian to manage an English league side in history, but only saw four wins in 20 Championship games.

Adkins would take over from Slutsky, and has remained in hid position ever since. Many believe his enthusiasm and management techniques will pull the Tigers from their spiral at the moment. If that is the case, only the future will tell.