Nigel Adkins On The Future Of Hull City

Head coach Nigel Adkins took to the press to convey his views on the current state of Hull City, their recent losses, and the future of the club. Despite the fact that the team only managed one win in the 16 league games, which sent them to the bottom of the Championship roster, Adkins still maintains a positive outlook for the teams and upcoming games.

As January rolled around and the transfer market opened up, new additions like defender Angus MacDonald and Harry Wilson as winger brought some much needed relief to the team, but they still weren’t able to secure a win against Bristol City at 1-0, which pulled the Tigers into the bottom three for the first time this season, and has left many of the players feeling dispirited.

Their current run includes 8 games in total, and without a win for any; the Tigers are starting to really feel the pressure.

The Players And Their Performances

Despite the losses and the negativity surrounding the recent losses, Adkins maintains that every one of the players has demonstrated skill and attitude that will keep them surviving no matter what comes in any future matches, and the head coach believes that keeping a positive outlook is one of the most important ways to push past difficult times. Like playing at any NZD online casino, Adkins believes that a lot of it has to do with luck and timing.

While Adkins has admitted that the teams losses has them in a hard place right now, it’s just how the game plays out sometimes, saying, “You want to strengthen you team, because that’s your opportunity.

You do everything you can. The reality now is that it’s closed and I’ve said that to all the players. I told them, ‘this is us now’.

He continued further by saying, “we’ve got a great game to look forward to in the FA Cup (against Chelsea) but we’ve got 17 cup finals to play as well. Everyone has to contribute.”

Adkins believes that his team has given their best in the current season, and although it’s been a challenge for everyone involved, he says the coming times will be exciting for everyone involved.

Hull City Recent Game Overview

Having played at Leeds, Bolton, Cardiff, and Sunderland in four consecutive matches, all at 1-0 losses for the club, it’s apparent that it hasn’t been the greatest season for the Tigers, with their last goal being scored on the 2nd of December, 2017.

Adkins will be leading the Tigers to Deepdale for their next match, and maintains that all it will take to lift the spirits for Hull City is just one goal.

Despite the run of bad luck, he believes that the more practice a team puts in, the luckier they become, and that they’ll hit their first goal in the near future.

He believes that turning the city’s fortunes around will require a lot of hard work, and each player working well together, as well as keeping spirits high.

There’s no denying that the Tigers have a roster of strong, talented players, and their string of losses won’t carry on forever, and under the leadership of Simon Grayson, the Tigers will hopefully start running into better luck in the future.