New Hull City Arrivals Provide Extended Options

Hull City has had a difficult year so far, having lost more than two thirds of their goals for the Championships during the deadline day, but replacements for Grosicki and Bowen are believed to be enough to give the club a fighting chance for their upcoming tribulations, along with striker Tom Eaves.

Both Eaves and Magennis are best suited for a team like the Tigers who generally play with true wingers on the sides. Bowen proved more of a forward than a winger after he claimed 54 goals in 131 games during his time on the team, but was only able to assist with 14. Grosicki wasn’t far behind, making more than he scored, 27 to 26.

Hope For The New Team

The club and fans alike agree that losing Grosicki to West Bromwich Albion and Bowen to Ham United was a huge blow to the line-up that had otherwise done well in their previous matches.

Magennis, who spoke to reporters about the changes, explained that Jarrod and Kammy are different types of wingers to Marcus and Mallik, and when they came in, many agreed that it was a case of putting all the new players into the deep end and seeing where things went.

Magennis continued his statement, explaining that the team has managed to balance the new players out quite well in terms of how the strikers and wingers have interacted thus far, although he conceded that there are many areas in which both can improve.

Much like online entertainment games, there’s always a risk and things can go either way. He added that he believes that overall, they are a solid team, and that they need to strive to be more consistent in the way that they play together.

Coach Grant McCann

New Hull coach Grant McCann has indeed worked with both Maddison and Wilks in the past, and was pleased with how the players were able to settle in with their new team. Commenting on their performances in the team’s latest games, McCann stated that they have both had a huge impact on the how well the team has been playing.

He explained that Mallik had only started in 5 games so far, including one against Chelsea, and was able to score two during, adding that not only can Mallik score clear goals, but he’s able to get himself into the right position within the box.

He continued, saying that Marcus has also had a positive impact on the rest of the team, explaining that the player was an obvious threat once he was able to gain control of the ball, and that he was always looking to get forward ahead of his opponents.

Future Captaincy

Hull City has confirmed that Jackson Irvine will be taking over the role of captain for the foreseeable future. Current captain Eric Lichaj has been away from the team due to an injury, being ruled out of the season along with Herbie Kane.

It has been confirmed by McCann, however, that neither player will need surgery, and would be able to return to their current campaign.