Grosicki Sold To West Bromwich Albion

The January transfer window is rapidly drawing to a close. But this certainly didn’t mean that there wasn’t still room for a few last minute arrangements. Although this one is more unexpected than most. Despite Hull City’s Grant McCann repeatedly declaring that Kamil Grosicki was not up for consideration, it has now all but been confirmed that he is being sold. What’s more is that he is being sold to club championship rivals West Bromwich Albion.

Although the deal has not yet been finalised, word is that the fee has been decided upon. So if no unforeseen obstacles arise, Grosicki will be permanently transferred. All this and with just two days left for the January trade window.

Not Great News

This sudden announcement comes as somewhat of a shock for fans. Though the drastic change will almost certainly have many running to their favourite betting app for Australians. Not in the least due to the 3 consecutive defeats recently suffered by the team. At this rate, a fourth seems almost inevitable.

31 year old Grosicki has spent a full two and a half years in the Championship, and in that time has earned a reputation as world class player. He has personally seen the ball into the back of the net 24 times, and has assisted in another 22. The numbers speak for themselves.

But on the other hand, he is a star that has come with a steep cost. Some have even suggested that he is a luxury the team can’t afford. McCann seems to have agreed with this assessment, even if he did seem to save the drastic decision until the very last minute. Needless to say, the move will come with a storm of controversy.

The Cost Of A Star

But looking at it realistically, the numbers speak for themselves. McCann would have had to settle on another 12 month contract. At a cost of £27,000 a week, it quickly becomes clear just how much of a luxury Grosicki was. So to look at it another way, the player was probably being let go before it was too late. Keeping Grosicki on for another year was a financial burden the team couldn’t shoulder at this point in time.

The details of the transfer to West Brom are not clear at present, but there is no question that this is a financial move that is desperately needed. Another way to put it is that this was a deal that McCann couldn’t turn down.

Though, this doesn’t change the fact that Hull City have been waving goodbye to an alarming number high profile players. David Meyler, Allan McGregor, and Michael Dawson are just a few, leading some to ask the obvious question; who exactly is left for the season?

McCann has insisted that a top 6 finish is still on the cards. But, perhaps rightly so, the response to this claim has been nothing short of incredulous. The team now seriously lacks x-factor players, and a top 6 finish may be nothing more than a fairy-tale.