Home Of Hull – All About The KCom Stadium

The KCom Stadium is home to football club Hull City Association Football Club and is situated in Hull, England.

The stadium is a majestic structure and the erection thereof was financed by the Hull City Council.

Ironically, the KCom Stadium’s construction was financed by the Council’s sale of their shares in KCom, who has been the main sponsor of the stadium since its opening back in 2002.

The stadium has made history for being the first in the United Kingdom to be situated in a parkland setting and is surrounded by 34.2 acres of beautiful land.

Designing A Masterpiece

The KCom Stadium is nothing short of a masterpiece and was designed by the Miller Partnership.  The building has a seating capacity of 25,586 and is an all-seater arena that is truly state of the art and has obviously been designed with the refined spectator in mind.

The design is in the shape of a bowl and has been erected in an asymmetrical fashion, which is what lends the unique and artsy feel to the arena.

It is designed as a single tier bowl with a second tier to the West Stand.  The first tier (bowl) seats approximately 20,000 and the second West Stand tier seats an additional 5,000.

Four external columns are visible when looking on from the exterior building and these are decorated in the colours of Hull City Council, which is blue and yellow.

The KCom Stadium truly is a stunning structure.

Facts About The Construction Of The KCom Stadium

  • The construction of the KCom Stadium cost a cool £44 million.
  • In excess of 3225 tonnes of building steel was used in the construction of the structure of the KCom Stadium.
  • It took a total of 14 months to complete the construction of the Stadium.
  • 6469 cubic metres of concrete went into constructing the marvellous wonder.

The Playing Surface

The KCom Stadium comes into its own as the perfect playing field for its home team.

The playing surface consists of a FIFA standard-sized playing field measuring 105m x 68m as well as a Rugby League pitch measuring 100m x 68m.

Best of all, the KCom Stadium’s grass is 100% natural and consists of 90% sand and 10 loam.  The pitch has an under-ground heating system as well as an automatic irrigation system.

The under-ground heating system is functional especially during winter months when the temperature drops to beneath 4 degrees Celsius.

The temperature immediately auto-corrects to a minimum of 9 degrees Celsius, keeping the grass lusciously green and well maintained all year round.

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A staggering 22 miles of below-soil heating pipes are what keeps the temperature at optimal capacity.

The Stadium has a total evacuation time of 8 minutes; something that is in itself quite a masterful feat as far as the overall design is concerned.

The Stadium doesn’t only play host to major sporting events but also to a host of other off-field events.