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A Look at Nigel Adkins’s Appointment as a New Head of Hull City

A lot has changed in the past year and even more is bound to change going forward for Hull City Football Club, most notably probably Leonid Slutsky’s last fight for his life to hold on to his job as head coach of Hull City.

Nigel Adkins has subsequently been appointed as new head coach for Hull City.

Slutsky faced increasing pressure on the back of Hull City’s draw at Millwall, which ended in an embarrassing 0-0 tally.

What’s worse is that this came after having had no less than 18 shots at scoring a goal.  This is not to say that Hull City’s performance was necessarily all that poor, but it does mean that the facts had to be put under the looking glass and the way forward determined from a strategic point of view.

What made the situation a particularly bad one for Slutsky was the fact that Hull City had only won two of their games out of thirteen played.   It was indeed time for a change.

Calling for Unity in the Face of Constant Change

New head coach Nigel Adkins has called for unity in the ranks of the Tigers.  This after a turn-around of no less than 5 people at the helm of Hull City in the last 17 months.

Adkins has been appointed on an eighteen-month contract after Slutsky’s departure.

Adkins has said that it wasn’t enough to declare that it was time for Hull City to win some games of football, but that it was necessary to work out exactly how that particular process was going to work.

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Adkins only recently returned to the world of football management after having been sacked by Sheffield United 18 months ago.

Adkins had reportedly been offered a number of opportunities, but had refused these as he needed some time away from the game in order to regain focus and clear his head.

Laying Down the Law

Adkins has issued a desperate plea to Hull City to start defending as if their lives depended on it as they prepare to face Cardiff City.

The Tigers have managed only a single win in 10 away games and will go into 2018 the decided underdogs.

Adkins is clearly on a mission to bring stability back to KCom Stadium after a particularly difficult year.

Speaking to the press, Adkins made it clear that he believed in the importance of every club needing a measure of stability and that if you had stability, you could achieve great success.

The new head coach also spoke out on the rumours of various transfers and the acquisition of new players for the Tigers, saying that it was important to reach a place of consistently getting the right players in, instead of making hasty decisions merely for the sake of attracting new talent.

Adkins is an experienced coach, having managed teams such as Scunthorpe, Southampton, Reading and Sheffield United.

If anyone is able to take the Tigers successfully into 2018, it’s probably going to be Nigel Adkins.