The Best Technically Gifted Players From Hull City

Despite battling though the years to stay on top, there’s no doubt that the club has had a number of iconic players through its doors. From old legends like Raich Carter and Billy Bremner to modern stars such as Neil Franklin, these are Hull City’s most technically gifted players of all time.

Raich Carter

Raich Carter, a legend of English football, lost many of his best years to the war, but still managed to rack up 7 goals in 13 caps for England and become the only player to win a FA Cup before and after the war. He spent his best years with Sunderland and Derby, but Carter was probably the biggest player ever to perform at Boothferry Park, even after his prime. He scored 57 goals as a player-manager in 136 games for the Tigers.

Neil Franklin

Brought to Hull City by his former England colleague Raich Carter, when joined by the then Second Division Tigers, Neil Franklin was the world’s most costly goalkeeper. After his ill-fated period in Colombia, which left him shunned by both Stoke City and the England domestic squad, his arrival was a feeling. Franklin has performed 95 Hull City matches, experiencing terrible injury woes, but, like some River Belle casino games, continued to take the risk for his beloved club.

Stan Mortensen

Stan Mortensen is the only man to have scored a hat trick in a FA Cup final, but he was still comfortable among the star performers of the club when he joined the club at the age of 34. Mortensen played 197 objectives in 317 matches for the Tangerines and another 23 objectives out of 25 matches for England, a prolific forward best recognized for his 14 years of outstanding service to Blackpool. Mortensen achieved 18 objectives in 42 outings in two years at Boothferry Park.

Peter Barnes

Peter Barnes’ time at Hull City was particularly brief. Barnes also performed for the likes of Real Betis and Manchester United before entering Hull City in 1988, best recognized for his moment with Manchester City and West Brom. Capped 22 times by the national team of England, Barnes was a real flair player capable of producing moments of magic on a football pitch. His behaviour and implementation was sometimes challenged, but his capacity was rare. Before becoming a traveller of epic proportions, he produced only 11 visits for the Tigers.

Billy Bremner

Billy Bremner arrived at Hull City in 1976 for just £ 25,000, aged 33, after 16 years on Elland Road, and is widely viewed as Leeds United’s best all-time player. He spent 2 years at Boothferry Park, making over 60 appearances, but throughout much of this time he struggled with constant injuries. While Bremner is perhaps best recognized in the core of a fierce Leeds United team as a battler and bruiser, he was also a very skilful footballer, an outstanding ball passer and capable of scoring the odd goal every now and again.