Fitness And Pandemic Updates From Hull City

The Hull City Tigers have had it rough in the last couple of years, with a plethora of losses, setbacks, and the pandemic that spread across the world, effectively putting an end to the season for an entire year as the world continued to fight on. But head coach Grant McCann has been keeping fans updated on all the latest from the club, including the recent fitness updates, as well as what he expects will be happening for the team as they continue to train and engage in matches during a time of uncertainty.

Getting Back On Track

McCann has been in the limelight as late as the Tigers slowly work their way back to normality after the global lockdowns. The latest from the head coach has been positive news, especially following the recent win the team managed to earn – 2-0 – while playing against Charlton Athletic. Hakeep Adelaken as well as Greg Docherty were able to give their time the first victory in the last five league matches, which has been especially pleasing following their three losses that occurred in succession.

The international pandemic meant that preparations and training had put the team far behind that they could have expected, but the head coach has praised the team for their hard work, as well as the professionalism that they’ve displayed on the field as of late.

Talking to the media, McCann explained that it had been vital for the team to get back on track after the team had not been able to train together for well over a week. He also described the difficulties that both him and team had experienced, where being apart set both training and planning back significantly. But he also illustrated how professional his team has been, working hard to make back the last time, and that their latest two days of training had been the best that he’s ever seen.

Fitness Updates

The head coach also broke down what he expects will be occurring following the positive Covid tests that some of the team’s players had no choice but to undergo to assess their health as well as the impact on the team. Many of the players are only starting to return from their isolation, and it has not been ideal for both their short-term and long-term strategies. All players that tested positive for the virus have been monitored every day, and some were even able to put in some training while they were in isolation awaiting results like those waiting for games at

He continued by saying that the players that had been sick were receiving some of the best medical care available, and that the doctors on hand were doing everything they could to ensure that the players were in top condition before the start of an otherwise uncertain season for the coming year. He lastly stated that it had been something of a blow to lose the players at this time, but also noted that there had been no new injuries reported for the team and everyone was otherwise ready to start playing again.