The Last 3 Matches Played by Hull FC

With our last updates on matches the Tigers played against Chelsea and Middlesbrough, and the overall trouncing we received, The Tigers have made a come back with their recent three matches.

The first match after the thrashing by Middlesbrough was against Sheffield United, with the Tigers winning 1-0 on the 23rd of February. This was followed by a draw of 1-1 against Barnsley on the 27th of February and a loss of 1-2 to Millwall on the 6th of March. Each of these matches was held at the home stadium, so maybe home crowd advantage helped in these instances?

So coach Nigel Adkins must be feeling a little better about the team but has openly expressed his unhappiness with the performance against Millwall, stating that he has never seen the team perform so badly as they had in the first half of this match. More work is needed to keep the performance of the team consistent, and less prone to such in match fluctuations.

Coach Adkins needs to take a chill, and play a different sort of game to relax. Maybe he should try yoga or some play some online slots Canada sites have to offer.

Here we give a breakdown of the matches and Hull FC performance:

Hull FC vs Sheffield United


This essential win over Sheffield United moved Hull FC 3 points away from the relegation zone, which is a relief for fans and the team. Also worth mentioning was the pause in the game due to Hull fans throwing faux balls on the field, in a protest against the owners of the club.

Though the first half was stopped briefly, it actually did not interrupt much as the first half was pretty uneventful.

The single goal of the match was scored by Nouha Dicko with a pass from Jackson Irvine, The Blades were close to an equaliser a time or two but could not manage the follow through.

Coach Nigel was pleased with the work put in by his team and happy with the results of their efforts.

Hull FC vs Barnsley


Though Coach Nigel was disappointed that the Tigers did not manange to take all three points for this match, he was still happy with the overall performance of his team and to gain the additional 1 point. He once again spoke about the lack of consistency in the match, with the Tigers throwing away the first half and letting a sloppy goal through.

In the first half, on loan forward Oliver McBurnie gave Barnsley the lead with a header, but Hull capatain Michael Dawson managed to get them an equiliser with only 17 minutes left in the second half.

Hull FC vs Millwall


To say Coach Adkins was raging at the end of this match would be an understatement, he was bitterly disappointed by the sloppy work by his team against Millwall and had loads to say about their performance. I think the coach is going to be all over his team after that performance.

With the Tigers conceding a goal within 1 minute of match commencing, Nigel has some backing to the ear chewing he is giving the players currently. Hull FC was in poor form from the start of the match, with the first half a complete write off.