The Latest And Greatest From Hull City

As the sporting world slowly returns to normal, many games that were otherwise suspended or outright cancelled are starting to take place once again, despite the many restrictions faced by clubs, players, and the millions of bored fans that want to watch them. Hull City has been at the epicentre of the difficult, as the club was already battling for support before the global lockdowns came into effect.

But there bad luck didn’t end there, and since matches have started up again, Hull City has faced a few losses that have dampened the spirits of the team, with their most painful loss so far coming from a recent game played against West Ham. This wasn’t the end for the club, however, as they were able to rebound during their last game that they played against Northampton.

West Ham vs Hull City

It proved to be a difficult match for Hull City, who faced West Ham and were not able to overcome the team in the shadow of the pandemic that’s just past us. With a final score of 5 to 1, West Ham was able to dominate the field thanks to their superb display. This comes despite the fact that West Ham manager David Moyes was recently confirmed positive for the virus, although his absence did not seem to affect his team too badly as they switched up two players in the beginning stages of the game and quickly came through with three goals during the first half of the game.

The club confirmed that the manager was sick on social media, saying that they had taken every precaution to ensure that no other players or staff had been exposed to the disease before the start of their latest game. With the third round no over, West Ham will continue forward as they wait for their manage, along with two others, to recover and rejoin the team.

Beating Northampton

Despite the loss against West Ham, the club remained strong as they entered their latest match, where they were set to face Northampton. It was the perfect start to their League One season after an otherwise impossibly difficult episode, with team leader Grant McCann stating that it was everything that the club had hoped it would be, and gave them high hopes for the remainder of the current season. Hull City ended their match against Northampton with a score of 2 to 0.

It was also a shining moment for latest player Hakeeb Adelakun, who was only recently signed on as the latest player to join the club, moving over from Bristol City. In the last minute and a half of their game, it was Adelakun that was able to slip past Steve Arnold and grab the last point that they needed to give themselves the winning boost. They team, with their spirits now riding high, will be going into League One with a strong start, one that will hopefully endure for a few more months.