Testing for Hull FC Team and Their Off-Season Antics

Testing for Hull FC Team and Their Off-Season Antics

The Hull Foot Football Clubs squad is set for some important testing ahead of the start of their pre-season, and Lee Radford, their coach, has offered a full update on their pre-season preparations.

This week marks the last time a large portion of the Hull squad is going to be able to enjoy some time off, since many are set to begin the endurance journey their winter months will see be made up of beginning on Monday the 13th of November.

A Check on Player Progress

Before this point, however, the conditioning and coaching staff will be checking on the progress which players have made during their off-season programmes, which is almost as important as that which they effect during the season, as punters who participate in the sports betting NZ has to offer will well know.

The weekend will have been spent looking at where the players are at, and monitoring them in a little more detail, as coach Radford informed the press, explaining that this was to ensure that they had stuck to what was set out for them as the off-season commenced.

Testing for Hull FC Team and Their Off-Season Antics

Each Squad Member had a Specific Programme

Coach Radford went on to explain that each member of the Hull FC squad had a particular programme for the off-season that Paul Hatton and the S&C had given them, and that this could be rehabilitation, maintenance, or just ensuring that they return to the field in a satisfactory state.

He then added that the pre-season may have become more professional of late, but the end goal had never altered. He said that although times may have changed a little, there were always one or two players that returned out of shape, and others that came back fighting fit.

He said that the players returning this early would predominantly be the younger players, but that the goal was to ensure that everyone was up to speed by the time the season began.

What did the Stars of Hull FC Get Up to This Off-Season?

There were trips to Dubai, excursions to Dublin, and one half-back’s superb Halloween costume. It can safely be said that the players are keeping themselves busy!

After finishing up the season for this year after the September 29 Super-League semi-final defeat at Leeds Rhino, Hull players that were not included in the World Cup have been taking advantage of some well-deserved downtime.

Scott Taylor, Mark Minichiello, Sika Manu, and Bureta Faraimo will not have to return to training until later on in December, and, in certain cases, not until the early parts of January 2018.

Those who need to get back to practicing in the next couple of weeks, however, have made sure to make most of their time off.

It is the first wave of young guns and fringe members that will need to get their heads back into the game on Monday the 13th of November, and it safe to say that they have been making the most of their time off before hand!