Chelsea vs Hull City FC

Words from the Managers

Nigel Adkins has admitted that his team caused their own downfall in this match against Chelsea, with the first 45 minutes just being used as a showcase for Chelsea to debut their championship skills.

Nigel admits that the game plan they had devised to be implemented in this match was lost within minutes of the match being started, with so many opportunities given to Chelsea it was surprising they did not score more goals.

Nigels half time pep talk seemed to help the team and he is more satisfied with that performance in that half. Nigel has some hopes for the team, so if they can work together as they did in the second half, and apply it to each match they will be much better off.

Chelsea manager Antonio Conte is now in a much better frame of mind for future matches against Chelsea, as they have proved their class in this match against Hull City.  With Chelsea’s blitz of four goals against Hull, the Blues are riding a winning high, with happy team management.

Chelsea had made a few changes to their line up, after they had trounced West Bromwich Albion on the Monday before this match.  Included in the line up for his debut was Emeron Palmieri, who was an active participant in this match – showing his worth in his first game.


The recent match between Hull City and Chelsea at Stamford Bridge showed multiple issues in Nigel Adkins line up but is a chance to make changes to better this team. Meanwhile Chelsea boss Antonio Conte has high hopes that his current line up will be taking his team to great new heights this year.

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Match review

First half

Within the first half of the match it was clear that Chelsea was dominating Hull FC, with four rapid goals scored, winning Chelsea the fifth round of the FA Cup.

The first goal was scored by the Brazilian Willian who scored an amazing curler goal right off in the opening seconds. Fabregas then doubled the lead, after Willian played him in from the corner.

A near miss from Giroud in the 13th minute was still a pleasure to watch and a pity it was missed. Willian scored again while tagging the ball with Giroud, with the French striker scoring his first goal for since he was moved from Arsenal using Palmeiris left wing cross to score a smart goal.

Second half

Although no goals were scored in the second half, at least Hull had worked on its defence and managed to keep Chelsea from further goal annihilation.

All said, this was a dismal performance by Hull City, and they now have serious relegation fears to conquer.