Hull City And Their Standing With The Bookies

Hull City has seen some difficult times in recent months. Their spending power has been reduced significantly, and the upcoming season might hit the club hard if Nigel Adkins doesn’t double down on the future tactics of his senior team, as well as finding replacements for the players that have taken off in the last few months.

The club has made just one signing since the end of the last season, where they managed to land Eric Lichaj who was transferred over from Nottingham Forest.

While it was good to have some fresh blood on the team, it didn’t make up for the eight players that have since left the club on free transfers. Adkins will be starting the new season with a lower player count than anticipated, and it’s been affecting not just the club and the players, but the betting industry.

The odds for Hull City have been shifting dramatically over the last several weeks, and with bookies both local and far having their say in what’s going on with the club, there may be some hard times ahead for Adkins and his team.

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The Current Odds

The loss of players and the financial problems thanks to austerity means that the odds have shifted against the club, with bookmakers around the county now confirming that Hull City is now the running favourite for relegation in the current season.

The news of the increased odds of relegation comes just over a week into the Tigers’ campaign as they train and get ready for the season that will be starting soon. There are only four teams at the moment that are back at the shorter odds this season, and City has been seeing odds as low as 9/2.

The low odds have not been prevalent throughout the summer, however, as the Tigers’ had started with much higher odds of 6/1, but the recent transfer problems have seen their numbers plummet much faster than anyone anticipated.

The favourites for this season are Rotherham United, with odds currently sitting at 6/5. Next up are the Bolton Wanderers, Reading, and Ipswich Town, who are holding steady with odds of 7/4, 4/1, and 11/4 respectively.

The Future For The Club’s Odds

As far as promotions are concerned, the Tigers’ don’t fare much better, with odds of promotion sitting steady at 12/1, which is a far cry to the 7/1 that they had at the beginning of the summer season.

Stoke City are the favourites here with promotional odds of 7/4, followed closely by Bromwich Albion at 5/2. Next is Middlesbrough and Swansea, with 3/1 for both.

As far as trophy wins are concerned, the bookies have made it clear that they don’t believe that Hull City have a fighting chance. Odds for the Tigers’ to earn a title in this season are at a whopping 40/1, which is on par with Millwall, QPR, and Blackburn Rovers. There is a good chance that the odds will shift again soon enough, however.