Captaincy Woes For Hull City

In the last two years, there has been four different players donning the captain’s armband for Hull City FC. After Michael Dawson left, Markus Henriksen looked good in the role for the 2018-19 season. It was then taken over by Eric Lichaj in the following summer, but he left the team quite abruptly before the end of what was already a highly interrupted season.

The UK went into lockdown due to the coronavirus and as restrictions started to ease and sports were allowed to return, Hull City was left without a leader. There were nine games left in this strange, broken and then shortened season, and Jordy de Wijs took on the mantle for them. With the relegation of the team ensured, de Wijs also got the axe and now the armband is once again going begging.

Who will Grant McCann turn to next?

Richie Smallwood

A recent transfer from Blackburn Rovers, Richie Smallwood is a strong candidate to wear the armband. He may not be the first choice for starting off the season since he is new to the team, but he is actually one of the most senior players on the team and he certainly has the leadership qualities for the job. Many experts have credited him with being one of the main reasons that Blackburn Rovers achieved promotion out of League One during the 2017-18 season.

As well as being new to the team, Smallwood also hasn’t seen much game time recently. He spent much of last season on the bench for Blackburn Rovers, only playing in two matches in the English Football League Cup.

Lewie Coyle

Nothing would please Hull City fans more than seeing a Hull-born captain run out onto the field. Coyle may just be the man for the job, even at the tender age of 24. He was recently negotiated away from East Yorkshire and back home for the upcoming season. McCann has even openly said that the youngster is definitely captain material but is probably eyeing the long game for Coyle. It might be too soon to put that much responsibility and pressure on a young man’s shoulders.

Jordy de Wijs

He’s already done the job for the team and didn’t do too badly. Towards the end of last season, the pressure did appear to be getting to de Wijs and it impacted his performance on the field quite significantly. There is also a question over whether the player is committed to staying at the team after relegation and the massive blow of losing 8-0 to Wigan at the end of last season.

McCann has been very vocal in his need for a captain to be fully committed to and focused on Hull City FC, just like a pro player is intent on winning at an online casino Singapore has to offer. This is what prompted his decision to remove Markus Henriksen from the captaincy in the enforced break of last season. On the other hand, McCann has also praised de Wijs, his ability to lead the team and his drive to win. Perhaps a new season is all he needs to turn around the woes of what happened.