A Guide To Playing For Hull City

As one of England’s most beloved and well-known football clubs, there are thousands of young boys around the country that one day dream of playing for the Hull City Tigers. Like any football club, getting to the point where the club will accept a young player can take years of work, patience, dedication, and practice, but anyone that plays for the club now will agree that the immense amount of work it takes will eventually pay off.

In order to start getting into the younger player rosters, a potential athlete will want to investigate Hull Tigers Academy. This is a specialised players academy that finds the best young talents from across the UK and the rest of the world and teaches them how to be a part of a successful team, along with a selection of other tools that they can take out into the field when they’ve reached the right levels one day. For those that are interested in joining Hull Tigers Academy with the hope of one day joining Hull City, these are the necessary steps to take.

Participating in A Trial

It starts off by getting the chance to participate in a trial for Hull Tigers Academy, which means that players need to be spotted at the right time and in the right place. Other players may try a different approach, instead sending videos of themselves playing the game directly to the academy for further review. It should be noted, however, that the academy receives many thousands of videos over the course of a month, meaning that selectors don’t always have the chance to dig through all of them.

If a player has been selected to take part in a trial, they will be invited to head to a development centre, where they will stand the chance to get spotted by someone from Hull Academy. If a scout does like what they’re seeing, the young play may move on to the next step.

Hull Academy Scouts

Scouts will be present when they believe that a player has the potential to make it far within the academy. It’s always possible that a talented player might not make it into the limelight at first, but they make it their mission to try and find as many players as possible in an otherwise overflowing application roster. It’s often up to the parents of the children to reach out to the academy and explain why they believe their child may be suitable, although it’s not unheard of for schools to do the same.

If a young footballer does show promise, the academy will require that they draft a few items to send in. This includes a cover letter, the CV of the player in question, as well as their statistics. They will also need to be made aware of the school they are in, what kind of extracurricular activities they enjoy, and whether they are a part of any teams as part of the school’s clubs.